“Anaanu” is a Ga word for Spider. A spider is considered creative. It produces art works at any given space it gets. The life of a spider is inspiring. Its use of space is unique. Irrespective of the the physical size, purpose, function and status of a space, the spider takes advantage of it and exhibits its creativity.

The institute derives its motivation from a renowned Ghanaian artist who loved music and played the guitar and the piano as a hobby. His name was AMON KOTEI A.K.A Papa Ablotsi. Although Amon Kotei did not have any regular school or class for young artists, he did everything within his power and means to help younger artists. Amon Kotei sees young talented artists as a charcoal fire that could easily generate light and heat if only somebody could fan it. He always feels obliged to do just that. The number of young artists who have been inspired by Amon Kotei – physically and spiritually, directly and indirectly[1]are uncountable because he impacted into everyone that comes close to him.

It is with this passion and inspiration that this Institute was set up; that is to help develop young talented artists through our workshops,seminars, special class schedules and facilities.

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[1]Dowuona, A.N.N. (2010: 45). Amon Kotei: Portrait of a Portraitist Kumasi: Undergraduate Thesis, BFA. Honorary Thesis, KNUST,Ghana. (https://www.alniinod.com/portrait-of-a-portraitist-amon-kotei/)